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Silapathikaram is an excellent Tamil epic written between 200 - 300 AD by Ilango Adigal, the son of a Chera King. The heroine of this southern ancient epic poem "The Jeweled Anklet" is Kannagi. The story is about her violent revenge against the injustice inflicted to her husband "kovalan". Kovalan, the son of a wealthy grain merchant in Kaveripoompattinam, married Kannagi - a affluent lovely girl.

Kannagi and Kovalan lived happily until Kovalan met Madhavi - a dancer. Kovalan fell in love with Madhavi and as time goes, he continued to stay with Madhavi and started forgetting his wife Kannagi and his home. Kovalan spent all his time and money on Madhavi because of his fascination on her. Gradually he washed-out all his wealth on the dancer. At last he was penniless, and returned home to his forgiving wife. Kannagi understood the financial condition of Kovalan and she offered to sell her precious pair of anklets. They planned to move to the great city of Madurai, where they can sell the anklets and make back their fortunes by trade.

They both arrived at Madurai hoping for the future. Kovalan went to the market to sell one of Kannagi's anklets. In the meantime, a look-alike anklet of the queen of Pandiyan Nedunjeliyan - the ruler of Madurai, had just been stolen by the wicked King's court jeweler. Unfortunately, the jeweler happened to see Kovalan with Kannagi's anklet, he immediately seized it and informed the King. Guards were sent to apprehend Kovalan and kill him by the order of the King. 

Kovalan was then punished to death by the order of the king. When the news was brought to Kannagi , she went out into the town, with her eyes ablaze with anger, carrying the remaining anklet in her hand as proof of her husband's innocence. 

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Kannagi confronts the King of Madurai over his unjust execution of her husband Kovalan




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