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Sanga Thamizh

The Sangam, the academy of Tamil men of letters, used to meet periodically in Madurai to discuss and review the research work of its members. The last of the three Tamil Academies (Sangams) flourished in Madurai nearly two thousand years ago. The Pandyas, great patrons of Tamil learning, art and architecture, were succeeded by the Nayaks, who not only preserved the work of the earlier kingdoms but also enriched their traditions.

The Sthalapurana speaks of 473 member - poets and three sangams Mudal Sangam ( first academy), Idai Sangam ( middle academy) and Kadai Sangam ( last academy ). Legend has is that the literacy works submitted to the sangam for assessment were thrown into the Potramaraikulam, whereupon a divine force judged the manuscript works of merit floated on the water and inferior
ones sank.

The origin on the Sangam is said to go back to the days when Gods dallied with men. Historian Nilakanta Sastri dates the Kadai Sangam between AD 100 and 250. Most of the classics that come under the head Sangam Literature belong to this period. These classics are the chief sources of information on the life / history of the people of the South during the early centuries of the present era.

Tamil language is the language of the Dravidian family, spoken in southern India; it is the official language of the state of Tamil Nadu (Chennai). Other Tamil speakers live in Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, eastern Africa, South Africa, Guyana, and islands in the Indian Ocean, the South Pacific, and the Caribbean.



The 40 meters by 60 meters water tank is closely associated with that legendary Tamil literary institution known as the Sangam. The tank is surrounded by stone steps lead down from the colonnade to this ancient tank, enabling devotees to bathe in its holy water. The Potramaraikulam figures in the legend connected with the origin of the Madurai shrine and is, hence, as old as the temple itself. Its Said that there was a huge golden lotus (Potramarai) floating in the water.











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